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This series is a documentation of Johnson's journey.  In her work, she uses paints including acrylic, watercolour and oil, mixed media such as felt and fabrics, as well as using clay to create sculptures. Her progression through themes of travelling, self-acceptance and female power can be seen through each series as she learns to navigate her own experiences.   

';' (I feel our story is still untold)
'!' (Found my peace again)
'.' (Validations on the road)
'_' (Validations on the road)
'@' (She's a rainbow)
':.:' (Validations on the road)
'&' (Passing in the night)
':.' (Better by your side)
'If you don't go out into the woods, nothing will ever happen and your life will never begin'
'.' (Mecurial chemistry)
'}' (Passing in the night)
'**' (The long road)
'***' (The long road)
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