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'Lockdown Street Party'

Jeni Johnson

Light Installation


Friday 29- Sunday 31 May 2020 I was recently invited to take part in LOCKDOWN AND LIGHT, a collaborative art project developed by artists David Campbell Baldry and Jane Watt as part of the on-going biennial series Landscape and Light. Artists in rural and urban locations across the world were invited to make temporary light installations in their homes over the weekend of Friday 29- Sunday 31 May 2020. My installation was inspired by recent interactions with my neighbours during the weekly Thursday evening clap for the NHS, and our hope for a street party get together once we find ourselves out of this pandemic. In a sense, for my neighbours and I on Old Station Road the Thursday evening 8 pm clap has been a street meet-up albeit short conversations across our cars and hedges over 2 meters apart. For this project I produced a series of images and a short film called 'Lockdown Street Party' 2020. If you happened to be walking past our house at this time you may have seen the installation too! Full details of the project can be found @lockdownandlight.

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